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Guide to Vintage Wedding Cars and Why They are Great for Your Wedding If you are planning a luxurious type of wedding in a luxurious venue, an ideal vehicle to use as a wedding transportation is a vintage wedding car. In a day filled with class and style, sophistication and luxury, vintage wedding cars are a perfect addition. This day would be a great day for wedding photographers since they will have a great time taking the couple’s photos in front of the vintage car with the wedding venue in the backdrop. The bride and groom will definitely take pride in this vintage wedding car and they will love the memories that it can create for themselves and their guests. Some vintage car companies or owners only allow its use in a local wedding which means that they are not to be driven for long distances. Their value as classics are kept by these rentals because of their uniqueness and their low mileage. Using a vintage wedding car for short distances can still accomplish the purpose for renting it. The distance from the chapel to the nearby reception hall is allowed. If it is too expensive for you to rent a vintage car for your wedding, then you can rent it at a lower rate if you will only use it as a prop. You don’t drive the car except to the location that it will be parked. Most of the time, the owner of the vehicle will have it hauled to the location to preserve the car’s low mileage. The value of your wedding will still be greatly enhanced if you use a vintage wedding car as a prop. With its presence in your wedding party, it will create a sense of style and luxury, even as a prop. One great use of this prop is as a place for professional wedding photographs to be taken.
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if you want the vintage wedding car for the duration of your wedding, it is also possible to do so. It may, however, be difficult to find a company willing to rent out a vehicle over a period of several days, but it can be done. If you successfully find that company or car owner, be ready to pay big. For the money, you can enjoy transportation and the vehicle’s use as a prop at the wedding venue or in your wedding photos.
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Wedding transportation companies and local individual vehicle owners rent out vintage wedding cars. It is important to have a signed contract and proof of insurance before taking the vintage car. You should ensure that your liability is spelled out clearly since these cars have a high value, and you don’t want to be paying a huge penalty or lose your deposit should anything happen to it.