Episode 4X11 Cabin Fever – New Extended Promo

**UPDATED** With HQ Version. Thanks to Carlost.

Update: 21:30 GMT Thanks to T.L.A for the transcript of the audio

Well yesterday I was watching ABC and noticed a new promo airing for this week’s episode of LOST Season 4 Episode 11 (Cabin Fever). This is the promo where you see Captain Gault saying “Torch the Island!!”

A fallen leader..
A child left motherless..
Sawyer: Claaaire!
A survivor in search of answers..
It’s only the beginning of the dangers to come.
Thursday, at 10/9 central..
Gault: Torch the island
Keamy: C’mon c’mon c’mon!
All new Lost.
Sayid: The only way to save our lives is to get our people off that island.
Michael: He’s gonna kill everyone…everyone!

Source: ODI