Kristin Hints Spectacular Kiss Is Between Sawyer And Kate?

Kristin at E! Online is hinting that the “spectacular” kiss will be perhaps between Kate and Sawyer. She also mentions a couple of other tidbits that Dark already confirmed to us, that Sawyer and Locke are both alive on the island in the future.

Alexandre in Toulon, France: Kristin! God I lose my French accent when I saw Jack and Kate hooked up! what happened? Please tell me it was a nightmare and Kate’s heart still belongs to Sawyer!

Hee! Sorry, I had to include this question, ’cause it cracks me up. Who knew a TV show could make you lose your accent? But I hear you, mon petit fromage! Here’s the thing: That spectacular kiss is still coming. In the season finale. Only a few weeks away. So let’s all sit tight, OK?

Ally in Ireland: Please tell me Sawyer doesn’t die…He isn’t one of the Oceanic 6?

Right, he’s not. But Sawyer doesn’t die. He’s alive. On the Island.

Heather in Taos, N.M.: Is Locke still alive on the Island in the future? He has to be, right?

Yes. He is.

Source: Kristin

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