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Qualities of a Good Dog Harness It is the wish of every dog owner that his or her dog gets the care they deserve, looks good, stays safe and healthy. One of the best ways to keep your dog safe and free from injuries around the neckline is by getting a harness. A dog harness is used almost the same way as a dog collar is used just that it is used to keep the canines safe. A harness is usually put around the dog’s body thus causing an equal distribution of pressure thereby protecting the weak parts of your dog’s body. When shopping for a harness, look for the following qualities. Durability needs to the first quality you need to look for when buying a dog harness. Ensure that you purchase a harness that is worth your while. It should be made out of a good material and at the same time good to look at by design. In case of a stubborn dog, your harness should be strong enough and not break when restraining the dog from moving to areas it’s not supposed to go. You need to look for comfort when shopping for a harness and you can bring your dog along. Always ensure that it is comfortable for him or her and doesn’t cause bodily harm. Among the most comfortable fabric that you can get include suede, nylon, and fine mesh. Comfort therefore is another quality of a good dog harness.
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A harness that is machine washable is the type that you need to purchase. No one wants their dog walking around in a dirty harness therefore choose a harness that is easy to clean and this will ensure that your dog stays clean all the time. With many different types of harnesses available don’t just assume one is better than the other without testing. If you go for a material that is difficult to clean, you will end up with dirty harnesses that will just won’t become clean even after a couple of washes.
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You will have a lot of fun during those times you spend with your dog if you buy a good harness as it takes away the straining on your dog’s neck most especially if you have a small dog. You therefore need to find the right harness for him. Buy a harness that is neither too tight nor too loose but one that fits him perfectly. Seek counsel from the store owners whenever you want to buy your dog a harness that is suitable for it keeping in mind that a harness that’s not right for your dog may harm it. When you follow these tips, you will not only end up with a good quality and comfortable harness, but also one that will give you good value for money.