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A Guide to Survival Gear. Many people have started to see the need to investing in a survival gear. Disasters do occur and therefore the needs to have survival gear. Not many people are told about survival gears. In order to understand survival gears, a person needs to ask themselves the purpose of buying the survival gear. Put simply, the importance of buying a survival kit is so that one can be prepared any time for an emergency scenario. The occurrence could be due to political unrest, war or getting lost in unfamiliar locations. Survival chances when facing danger could be greatly improved if one has a survival kit. Vital survival supplies are the contents of a well-prepared survival kit. Emergency situations call for the access and utilization of the items contained in the survival kits. Various groups of people such as hunters, hikers and explorers frequently use the survival gears due to the nature of their activities. A variety of survival kits exist. There are various items that can be found in most survival packs, some of the include, fish hooks, matches, small compass, small rescue mirror, and a whistle. However, the size of the survival kit depends on the space available and the weight that one can comfortably be able to carry. Doug Ritter is famous for developing one of the most popular survival kits in the market which is known as the pocket survival pack. The gear is essential as it can help send signals to helicopters and planes, start fires, catch fish, melt snow, trap small animals, navigate through the woods, repair damaged gear and perform rudimentary first aid. However, this kit only provides only the essential gears that are meant for a short duration.
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The inclusion of weapons should be one of the important consideration when planning what is to be included in the survival kit. Incase an attack was to happen, police would be take some time before arriving at the scene. The survival gear should therefore include some weapons. Among the weapons that can be included are guns and rifles. However, firearms have certain disadvantages. The commonest problem with using them is that they run out of ammunition. To overcome the challenge, weapons such as knives and machetes should be considered. Some of the advantages of carrying machetes is that they do not need ammunitions and they can be put into uses such as clearing ways and hunting. When in emergency situations, quick communication to the outside is of importance. Individuals planning to be in the wilderness are therefore advised to have cell phones.
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One of the recent developments in the development of survival gears is the inclusion of Personal locator beacons. They are necessary in requesting for help through the satellites.